Hardwood Flooring Studio Near Seattle

Our extraordinarily durable, sustainable engineered hardwood flooring provides a preferable and innovative wood floor alternative to those in Seattle and throughout Washington. At Castle Bespoke Design Studio, we created a superior flooring product that outperforms the dimensional stability, length structure, and life expectancy of basic solid wood planks. We have an exceptional luxury engineered white oak hardwood flooring selection available in several sustainable designs. Castle Bespoke only uses a quarter of the natural resources through a live sawn milling process in comparison to solid wood flooring to supply long-lasting white oak hardwood planks. Our products still have as much sanding life as solid planks which is why consumers in the Greater Seattle area and all of Washington turn to Castle Bespoke for their flooring.

At Castle Bespoke, our family has generations of professional experience and expert knowledge in the wood flooring industry. We have a profound dedication and intimate understanding of our products and a team of devoted design consultants to bring your vision to life. Our wood flooring experts work to find the perfect solution for your unique space and create the custom look you’ve been searching for!

Meet with a design consultant throughout the Seattle area to learn more about our quality European white oak, exquisite hand-oiled finishes, custom colors, versatile styles, parquet patterns, as well as classic and contemporary designs. We provide free samples which can be easily ordered online for all our Washington customers. Our hardwood flooring samples give a preliminary idea of how the different cuts and finishes will look when set in place.

To get started, explore everything from Versailles, herringbone, and chevron to mosaic and other luxury flooring patterns in our complete online catalog. Order samples to get a first-hand feel for Castle Bespoke’s one-of-a-kind engineered hardwood flooring in unfinished and pre-finished choice of colors. We are here to provide the highest quality wood flooring in the Greater Seattle area and throughout all Washington! Call us at (833) 822-7853 today for more details about our available products or schedule an appointment with a design consultant.

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